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Energizing Morning Routines Part 1 – Breakfast.

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Do you have a Morning Routine? Are you a breakfast person? Or do you run or meditate first thing in the morning? As for me – I am usually a brunch or early lunch kind of person. And forget about the meditation, I wake up like a drill sergeant in the morning getting the kids ready for school. I am sure if I can wake up before them, I might be able to make time for morning meditation, but for now, I am going to be content with my night owl routines.

What is your morning routine?

Even if you do not have a morning routine, here is one thing that you can always try to do to make your day infinitely better every day. I learned this habit called the Maui habit in BJ Fogg’s book Tiny Habits. This is how it goes – After I put my feet on the ground in the morning, I will say, “Today is going to be a great day.” And then do a fist bump. (or any celebratory gesture will do). Try the Maui habit and change your day.

Is breakfast indeed the most important meal of the day?

Yes and No.

If you are naturally a brunch kind of person it is perfect because it allows you to incorporate some kind of Intermittent fasting and even better if you eat early dinner.

And if you are indeed an early riser and a breakfast person, Good for you! Breakfast is an important way to start the day, especially for kids, so they are not cranky and are able to focus at school. And for adults too, because when you are unprepared and have not developed good eating habits yet, Skipping breakfast can lead to erratic eating patterns throughout the day and perhaps indulgence in more junk food.

What is a good balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast of protein, good whole grain carbs, and fiber, in general, is beneficial for you. It also revs up your metabolism and wakes up your brain.

Sadly Coffee and Donut (Or bagel, muffin) Or even Standard milk and cereal does not fit the description of a balanced breakfast.

A balanced breakfast includes Green and Yellow Light foods with the right mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins to both stimulate and relax the brain for optimal performance. I talk more about Traffic Light Eating here – Did you know what Traffic Light Eating is all about?

Protein perks up the brain and, because the body takes longer to digest protein than carbs, it helps you stay comfortably full for a longer period. A high-fiber breakfast of slow-release carbs prevents midmorning crashes and sugar cravings. 

How to chose a breakfast cereal?

If cereal is the breakfast of choice for you, a quick read of the nutrition label should tell you if your cereal is indeed “healthy” as the packaging promises. Flip to the side or back of the cereal box and read the Ingredients and Nutrition label. You have to look for the following:

  • Cereal made from whole grains, not just corn or enriched wheat
  • At least 3 grams of protein per serving
  • Less than 6 grams of sugar per serving
  • At least 3 grams of fiber per serving
  • No hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup, really nothing artificial added to it.

Here are some healthy breakfast recipes, posted earlier in this blog. Pick whichever you like. Breakfast Recipes

One of the bread I love to eat is found in the frozen section of grocery stores. It’s called Ezekiel bread. Its whole grain, unprocessed, higher protein content. And does not spoil as long as you have it stored away in the freezer. There are so many things you could do with an Ezekiel bread toast. Top it with eggs, avocado, tomato, other vegetables, or even fruits. All of it works. Here is one way to eat it Fried Egg And Ezekiel Bread Toast.

Here is another genius idea from my long time friend Shashi.

Want to fancy up the Old Fashioned  Quaker Oats and make it a perfectly balanced breakfast with minimal effort?

Here are some ideas to add Proteins, DHA and lot of other micronutrients from the fruits to your morning Oatmeal.

Cool the oats with one of the Chia, Flax, Hemp or Sesame Seeds. And Top with any choice of below:

  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Add another layer of freshly cut seasonal fruits. (Did I tell you to stock up that Superfridge yesterday?)

Thank you Shashi. These are some great ideas that I had forgotten myself.

Dont forget the good old smoothies? This is a slightly complex recipe, and really every fruit, vegetable and spice goes in a smoothie. Enjoy this one from my refrigerator.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

Ice Crispies

Comment below and let me know – What are you eating for breakfast tomorrow?

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Ezekiel Bread Toast Ideas

Fried Egg And Ezekiel Bread Toast

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These Ezekiel bread toasts are all the craze lately, for a good reason. Way too many people have gluten and other food and chemical sensitivities. There are many variations of these bread too – Ancient Grain Bread, Sprouted Grain Bread, and Whole Grain Bread. With some good variations – Sesame, cinnamon raisin, 7-grains, 21- grains, muffins, and bagels. Anywho, go to the freezer section of your local supermarket and you will find one or many of these. Pick one up to try. It is good for you.

​What do you do with frozen Ezekiel bread?

I just thaw it while doing this or that in the kitchen and then toast with a tsp of butter on a hot pan for about half a minute on each side. Easy Peasy.

Usually I would top it with Avocado and Fried Eggs. Or Black Beans and Fried Eggs. But there are nearly infinite possibilities.

See below – I am sure you get the idea.

Would I like the Ezekiel Bread Toast?

In the words of Dr Suess – It is always truer than true.

I do! I like them, Sam-I-Am!
And I would eat them in a boat.
And I would eat them with a goat...
And I will eat them, in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
They are so good, so good, you see!
So I will eat them in a box.
And I will eat them with a fox.
And I will eat them in a house.
And I will eat them with a mouse.
And I will eat them here and there.
Say! I will eat them anywhere!

​Exactly How Many Kinds of these bread do I not know about?

​I am sure there are many more. But I pick up a new one every time I see one in the Freezer section. Also, I always have bread in my freezer for this reason.

Why do I need this bread?

Well. You do not. But if you are addicted to bread, and absolutely can not give up (the chemicals they load up the) white bread with, you want to give this bread a try. It is made with mostly non-GMO and organic ingredients. It also uses high Glycemic Index grains, and hence good for diabetics. I personally definitely feel full longer, and I am sure it’s the extra fiber.

Compare the Ingredients and Nutrition label of this with a White or Whole wheat bread too. And you will know what I am talking about.

Besides – this lasts a long time in the freezer, so it is super convenient. You almost never have to buy breakfast as long as you have some Peanut Butter in fridge and Ezekiel bread in the freezer. I am not a PBJ fan so I have personally tried it, but I bet it will taste just as good. If you try, do let me know.

If you like this post check out this Easiest Guacamole Recipe You will ever make. This might be a perfect topping for a healthy Whole Grain toast such as the ones mentioned above.

Also check out this super fun post about how people lost weight in old times. Facing the Tissue, An Excerpt from The Fun of Getting Thin

They do not see how a man can take off more than fifty pounds and not hurt himself. I do not see how he can keep it on and not kill himself.

~Samuel G. Blythe in his Book The fun of Getting Thin. Written in 1912.

Want a recipe for my secret breakfast drink to get lean in 21 days? Learn more here –  Melt Away Every Last lb of Fat. Become Lean in as little as 21 days with This One Trick.

And in the honor of Dr Seuss today, here are some of his many quotes I have learned to appreciate more and more.

It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.

You are in pretty good shape, for the shape you are in.

You will never get bored when you try something new. There is no limit to what you can do.

Happy Birthday. Dr Suess!

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curried scramble eggs

Curried Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast, Breakfast Idea, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Protein, Weightloss

You can take your scrambled eggs to a whole another level by adding some amazing weight loss spices such as paprika, turmeric, Asafoetida, green chilly peppers, and other vegetables!

Important: Do not worry about all of the “extra” ingredients for the curry flavor. Try to make it with whatever you have in your pantry and refrigerator. It is a super-forgiving recipe.


[Serves 4]

  1. Eggs – 8 Large or 12 Medium
  2. Onion, chopped – 2 cup
  3. Bell Pepper chopped – 1 cup (use green/yellow pepper or any other sweet pepper you can find)
  4. Other choices of veggies from the approved vegetable list – 1/2 cup (I used a handful of fresh green peas and spring onions today)
  5. Tomato, chopped – 1 cup
  6. Cilantro or Coriander, chopped – 1/2 cup for garnish
  7. 2-3 Green chili, chopped long and thin (optional if you don’t like spicy, skip this)
  8. Tempering Spices | Pinch of Asafoetida, Cumin Seeds: 1 tsp, Mustard Seeds: 1/2 tsp, Nigella Seeds 1 tsp
  9. Salt – to taste
  10. Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
  11. Black pepper powder – 1/4 tsp
  12. Cayenne pepper or red pepper powder- 1 tsp (optional)
  13. Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp (optional)
  14. Olive Oil (or alternate Ghee or coconut Oil) – 1 tbs
  1. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them with salt and black pepper and set them aside.
  2. Heat Olive oil over medium-high heat in your largest non-stick pan.
  3. Once the oil has warmed up, add the tempering spices, immediately followed by onion green peas, green chilies, and tomatoes (or other choices of veggies).
  4. Fry until onions are browned. Then, add salt, turmeric powder, cayenne pepper, and coriander powder.
  5. Mix well and add the eggs mixture and stir and cook for about 3-5 minutes while stirring and letting the egg cook through and scramble
  6. Add spring onion and cilantro, mix well, and turn off the heat.
  7. Serve immediately with a side of whole-grain bread, whole-grain tortilla, or use for lettuce wraps!
  8. Make extra to pack in your meal prep boxes for later.

Pictured below is a version I made the other day with lots of colorful vegetables and it turned out great as a complete one-pot weight loss meal!

scrambled eggs
I make mine with a lot more vegetables to make it a full meal!

If you have ingredients on hand, here is another recipe you could try. A curried scrambled tofu is delicious, so is this curried scrambled paneer (cottage cheese).

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Pearl Millet Dosa

Breakfast, Breakfast Idea

I love dosa. Its a comfort food for me.  I thought of making a healthier version of regular dosa. So I tried to replace carb loaded high-GI white rice with low GI millets. Millets are also richer in protein and dietary fiber as compared to the white polished rice.

Millets are known to reduce the risk of colon cancer. {Citation: As per this study Anti-inflammatory effects of millet bran derived-bound polyphenols}

There are many version of  millet dosa. Today its a simple version of it to include it in our daily food.


Pearl Millet 1 cup

Urad dhal 1/4 cup

Flattened rice/poha 1/4 cup

Fenugreek seeds/ methi 1 tsp

Method to Prepare the Dosa Batter

  1. Wash and soak Pearl Millet, Urad dhal, Fenugreek seeds for 5 to 6 hours. 
  2. Soak flattened rice for 10 minutes right before grinding the soaked grains.
  3. Grind the Pearl millet mixture in a mixer or grinder until smooth.
  4. Finally add soaked poha and pulse for 3 to 4 times
  5. Rest the batter for 10 hours in a warm place in your kitchen or inside the Oven with lights on until the batter ferments and rise.
  6. If you live in a cold place, leave it to ferment longer for up to 12 hours depending upon the weather. 

Making the Millet Dosa

  1. Heat a seasoned cast iron pan or a non stick pan on medium-high heat. 
  2. Spray a little cooking oil, or use a brush to spread oil on the pan.
  3. Use a Ladle to pour the fermented Dosa batter on the pan and spread thinly
  4. When the edges start to become brown turn over and fold.
  5. Serve with chutneys of your choice. 


  • 1

    It is important to ferment the batter to get a crispy dosa

  • 2

    Wash Grains thoroughly before soaking to get all the pesticides, dirt and dust away 

  • 3

    Millets are very healthy but an acquired taste, much like other healthy things. So, If you do not like the taste of millet you can add some rice and pearl millet in equal proportion for your Dosa.

Slimming Morning Drink

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Quick Jaljeera Anyone?

If there is just one thing you must do to lose weight i would say this would be it.

​This is such an amazing, refreshing and wonderful drink that not only wakes you up early morning but also helps kickstart your metabolism to burn those fat cells that you are struggling to get rid of.

Are you able to make this early morning and drink it up.

All the ingredients are carefully chosen to get you an additional boost to whatever diet you are following on your weightloss journey.

Before starting this drink, remember to weigh yourself.

And then weigh again after a week to see if it boosted your weightloss, or helped you break the stall.


  • ​Juice from 1 Lime or Lemon

  • ​A 8 Oz. Glass of Filtered water

  • ​1/2  tsp Cumin Powder

  • ​1/2  tsp Black Salt (or sea salt, rock salt)

  • ​1/4  tsp Cayenne Pepper

  • ​1 to 2 Tbsp Honey 

  • ​(​Optional) few mint leaves


  • 1

    ​Warm Water in microwave for 1 minute

  • 2

    ​Crush few mint leaves in a herb mill or a mortar and pestle and add to the warm water

  • 3

    ​Add Lime/Lemon juice, Cumin powder, Black Salt, Cayenne Pepper and Honey and stir well

  • 4

    ​Drink Immediately upon waking up first thing in the morning

Chia Pudding

Breakfast, Breakfast Idea, Ramadan, Sehri, suhoor, Suhur, Weightloss

​Chia Seeds Pudding (Serving Size: 4)

​This Chia Seeds Pudding is the easiest breakfast you could ever make, especially if you are a Mom on the go.

You can double or triple the quantities as you like.


  • ​Almond Milk (OR Coconut Milk) 2 cups

  • ​Chia Seeds 1/2 cups

  • ​Honey (optional) - 2 Tbsp

  • ​Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - 1 tsp

  • ​Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp

  • ​Clove powder - 1/4 tsp

  • ​Chopped Pecans/Chopped Soaked Almonds/Chopped berries for topping


  • 1

    ​Pour Almond milk, Chia Seeds and Honey into a jar or glass container and Stir well.

  • 2

    ​Place in the refrigerator overnight to gel.

  • 3

    ​In the morning when you are ready to eat, add the Ceylon cinnamon powder, cardamom powder and clove powder and mix well.

  • 4

    ​Serve in a bowl or a mason jar topped with nuts and berries of your choice.

Mix-n-match suggestion: Also a good serving suggestion is to also eat 2 hard boiled eggs with this, for getting your Protein serving.


​This is definitely a great make ahead recipe.

Prepare it the night before and you will not have to worry about morning breakfast.

Quickly throw in the spices and the nuts and you are ready to go.

Even better, pair it up with boiled eggs for an extra dose of proteins for making it a perfect balanced meal.

And finally do not forget to drink a lot of water all day!