On Longevity and Healthy Aging #1

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​I am going to be doing a series of articles on longevity and healthy aging. If you have read everything I shared before this post and implemented it You have most likely started losing the weight already. The next logical step to focus on is how to live longer, and age healthier. We are all aging, one millisecond at a time.

If you ever go to St Augustine in Florida, be sure to check out the famous Fountain of Youth of Ponce de Leon. That would be an interesting trip down the history. But In this post I am talking about Longevity, and knowing fully well that so far every one has failed to find the panacea and fountain of youth.

But before we begin, Let me ask you, if you have been hanging around here for a while, have you taken action? If you still need help losing weight see below.

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What causes aging?

Aging is a complicated process, caused by many factors. I try to simplify everything for the purpose of my understanding. And I have been looking for an easy answer to pin point that this one thing or gene or process causes aging. However, that is not the case. A series of small changes occur in your body causing the organs, and the body itself to deteriorate, and cause eventual death.

Well, the good news is that the world is becoming an increasingly safer place, in most parts of the world. As is evident from an increasing number of older people in developed countries. This study proves the point – Average Life expectancy has increased by 27 years in this past century alone.

While we have not found that fountain of youth yet, the next best thing you can do is whatever years you live on earth in this body, try to live healthier free from disabilities. Instead of having to take medicines every day, or living in the hospital on life support at the mercy of caregivers.

Enhanced Longevity Secrets of Blue Zones

On the Italian island of Sardinia, it is common for people to live over 100 years of age. According to longevity researcher Susan Pinker, it’s not a low-fat, gluten-free diet that keeps the islanders alive for so long. In this TED talk, she argues that it’s their emphasis on close personal relationships and face-to-face interactions that keep them living healthy over 100 years of age and beyond.

What are your thoughts are about this observation. Comment below and let me know.

I agree that relationships and human interactions are important. But Imagine having perfect relationships and interactions while eating Modern Processed foods out of microwavable boxes. Wonder what would that have done to the aging.

There are four other famous blue zones, beside Sardinia that have been widely studied and each study has attributed longevity to a wide variety of factors. For example, the miracle water of Hunza valley in Pakistan, or the antioxidant and nutrition rich Potatoes or Yams from Okinawa. More to come on these in the series, so stay tuned.

I want to achieve Longevity. What can I do?

Ok, aside from moving to Sardinia to hang around with people, or to Okinawa to eat their potatoes or drink the Hunza Water. I will give you a few different ideas to implement right away if you want to join this longevity and healthy aging movement with me. Let us start with the easy.

Stop Smoking, Skip Alcohol and Sugar.

This headline requires no explanation. Want to live longer? Do not Smoke. Drink Water instead of Alcohol. Cut out processed Sugar.

Eat your Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Start eating the recommended 2 servings of Salmon, Sardines or other Omega 3 Rich foods every week.

Based on this study, there is a correlation between omega-3 fatty acids and longevity and that a longer life span can be achieved with increased consumption of fish oils. I talk about fish in this post Low Fat. High Fat. Or The Right Fat | Eating Healthy and a few more How to use Sardines in a Recipe? and Easy Curry Fish: A Good Fish Curry Recipe. And don’t miss out on this one – What are some delicious foods for brain health?

What are some other foods I can eat for healthy aging?

Ok. Now we are talking. There is living longer, and then there is healthy aging, to make those long years count.

I a m going to leave it right here with some post suggestions. All of these post discuss eating these foods to boost your immunity and prevent all kinds of diseases. Have you tried any of these yet?

Health Benefits of Olives: Superfoods Snack #1

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

Did you know eating Cruciferous Vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts helps prevent Cancer?

Much ado about fasting.

Fasting is all the hype and mega trend in the health and diet community these days. But have you ever wondered why all of the ancient religions prescribed a variety of mandatory yearly fasting regimens? I am almost certain it was universally known that fasting will help you cleanse, purify and heal. And thus age much better and healthier. There is way too much scientific data as well as proof from the new Fasting converts, healing all kinds of metabolic diseases by fasting. This study tried to mimic the metabolism of the people that won the genetic lottery of healthy aging and longevity by means of nutrition, fasting and calorific restrictions.

Dom D’Agostino’s Diet – A Primer On Starving Cancer Cells through Fasting and Ketosis.

Longevity Escape Velocity

Paraphrasing Futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Longevity Escape Velocity” is defined as follows. The longer you live, there will be at a point where you have lived long enough that the technology is going to allow you to live for as long as you want.
At EatPlayFit, we may or may not be in the quest for longevity escape velocity yet, but we sure want to make the years count, and however many years you live, you live them as healthy as they can be without medicines, or having to depend on life support systems.

Reminder for self, write part #2 soon to discuss more on longevity-related food and lifestyle choices and technological advances related to aging. Stay tuned …

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