Customize Amazon Shortcodes

  1. [ azrev_link_title asins=”product_id” ]: Title link to the product on Amazon
  2. [ azrev_link_price asins=”product_id” ]: Current price with the link to the product on Amazon
  3. [ azrev_save_price asins=”product_id” ]: Show saving (discount). It has two options percentage or fixes price
  4. [ azrev_link_img asins=”product_id” ]: Image link to the product on Amazon. There are 3 sizes available large, medium and small.
  5. [ azrev_link_button  asin=”product_id” ]: Button link with default text View Detail. To change the default text by adding more param on the shortcode. Ex: text=”Check on Amazon”.
  6. [ azrev_link_text asins=”product_id” ] : Sample link text to Amazon Product . Ex: [ azrev_link_text asins=”product_id” ] Text here…[  /azrev_link_text ]

Note: Remove space before and after square bracket for each shortcode above.