Oh but Ramadan is not about weight loss…

Please do not believe If anyone told you that weight loss should not be your goal for Ramadan fasting. When i was trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after my first son was born back in 2012, and i was trying to do this combined with Ramadan fasting a friend said to me that “Ramadan is all about creating a connection with Allah, its not about losing weight. If your intention is to please Allah, fasting should be observed to please Him, if on the other hand your intention is to loose weight, then the main purpose of Ramadan will not be gained.” And i kept wondering why would people be against – getting healthy? becoming a better version of yourself? After all if I am healthy, fit and strong wouldn’t i have more energy to spend with my kids, pray to Allah and take care of them? I remember when i was over weight how difficult it was for me to even get up. I was tired and groggy and would have no energy to play with kids.

What does modern science say about Fasting(Ramadan)?

I started wondering if one is unhealthy and obese why is it such a bad idea for them to eat healthy and lose weight while also offering the Ramadan fast? The more I studied Islamic custom around fasting and started connecting it with the Intermittent fasting diets that are used by a lot of people; The more i saw that all the modern research around the intermittent fasting to lose weight, starve cancer growth, also cure degenerative and neuro-muscular diseases.

Islam prescribed Ramadan (Intermittent Fasting) more than 1400 years ago, And I am positive that much of the reason behind it was to get people healthy and reset their metabolism.

Here is an easy to read article that you would find interesting : 10 Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had a very simple diet. It is also well known that he would eat until he was 1/3rd full. “The worst vessel the son (or daughter) of Adam ever fills in his (or her) stomach.  It is enough for the son of Adam to eat a few morsels that will maintain his back’s uprightness.  But if he must add more to his stomach, then let it be one third for food, one third for water, and one third for air.”

The simple principle to observe a healthy diet is eating just the right amount of proteins, fats, vegetables and healthy carbs. No sugar except which comes from fruits. Say No to cookies, cakes, chips, cold drinks and microwave dinners. Make easy and quick meals from scratch and enjoy your way to a healthy Ramadan and fit into your most perfect dress this Eid.

If you are questioning, why should you trust me on this? Heres why – I had gained 23 lbs post pregnancy in 2012 and was able to lose all of it during Ramadan fasting, and the following month just by watching what i ate.

Also in 2015 my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and weighed 165 lbs .. he now weighs between 135 – 140 lbs only by following same kind of diet with low carbs, no sugar and healthy ingredients from scratch. We were able to reverse his diabetes by following a healthy diet.

The month of Ramadan is as much about self awareness and discipline as it is about detoxing the body, mind and soul. Ramadan is a great time for self focus, change and improvement. While Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims, but the lessons you will experience through this diet should stay with you throughout the year.

You can eat amazing, healthy and real nutritious food and still lose weight and feel so full, energetic and healthy and ready to more effectively implement the Ramadan Fasting, Rituals and Prayers with so much ease.

Ramadan Kareem!

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