Easiest Way To Lose Weight

Easiest Way To Lose Weight & the Quest For a Permanent Weight Loss Solution

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Everyone wants an easy button – What is the easiest way to lose weight? I wrote this post a long time ago, originally because I kept getting asked in my free-discovery calls in many formats – Can I lose 10lbs by this summer? to Can, I lose 120 lbs. this year?

On digging deep, it turns out there is a lot of underlying self-criticism, and blame (blaming the willpower, or family members, or upbringing), and also sadly the – I am not good enough. I am not motivated enough excuses. I know, I know you want fast weight loss. But I am also sure that is the rabbit hole you have gone down before – Set up a massive goal and then felt like a failure.

Do you have any of these excuses? 

Do you think that a successful weight loss regimen requires you to stick to your diet plan?

Or perhaps you do not have time to cook? Or Your excuse is that your family only eats sandwiches and unhealthy Pizza and take outs.

Too overwhelmed by work, life, kids, family to meal prep and exercise?

Or you do not really have a lower calorie meal plan or an expert weight loss exercise plan. Or you do not know how to eat to lose the layers upon layers of unhealthy fat that have crept up on you from the years sitting at your desk job on a computer followed by Netflix and Chill at home.

Can I lose 20 lbs by this summer?

Here are some keys to successful weight loss. Things and Ideas easy enough that you could implement right now. Get started on a healthy lifestyle and a get a happy body and when you are healthy, energized and feel awesome at all times, you could lose weight easily and effortlessly. You will effortlessly have a healthy body weight.

Rule # 1Diets do not work. A healthy lifestyle is a choice. You need to “want” to be healthier and make the first step towards that change. If you do not know what to do Download this free Guide here.

Start believing and hence behaving like a healthy person and you will be making right choices about your self.

This process I describe below will get you slow and sustainable results and you will see those layers of fat will start melting off and healthy muscles and abs showing before you know it.

If you have forever been on crash diets and expensive gym memberships or part of some Keto, Whole 30, Manic 80, Paleo, Weight watchers and Jenny Craig band wagon or worst yet some unhealthy supplements, meal replacements, you probably know some or more ways to lose weight.

All of them are probably correct, and were designed from a place of true service. 

The only fault I see is – They blame it on you, when you fail. And you go down the rabbit hole of looking for yet another diet, gym or exercise video – Only to crash diet and lose/gain weight again.

Four Questions to determine if a weight loss program will work for you and get you successful and permanent weight loss?

However if none of those have worked for you and have left you feel confused, consider answering following questions:1. Is your healthy-eating program based on Science? Or is it just the new fad diet, promoted by a celebrity or your friend that just started this MLM side gig and has her pictures pasted on luxurious vacations all over social media.2. Can you follow the principles for rest of your life? So if you buy into a meal replacement shake or a Plexus, Arbonne or Pruvit – Is this something you will do for rest of your life, or are you just doing it temporarily?3. What this program suggests you to eat and do, would you have your children do it with you? Is the supplement, or meal replacement safe for your kids or has ingredients that makes it unsafe?4. When you talk to your coach about losing weight, Is the first thing that they suggest an artificial supplements, not real food?You perhaps know the right answers to all the above questions.

Your weight loss will most likely be temporary if you buy into fad diets and exercise programs.Instead of getting on a weight loss program, learn the way to eat healthy and nourish your body, that you can train yourself to do for the rest of your life with your family and your children.Learn attitude, lifestyle and behaviors of a fit person and you will never have that spare tire around your belly ever again.

11 Rules to lose weight and keep it off forever:

** I do not know why Eleven. But stay with me …

  • Design your Environment. Give away all the junk food (processed bread, sugar, chips, cold drinks, boxed, microwave dinners, cakes, cookies and sodas). I talk about Super Fridge here. What is in your refrigerator?
  • Grocery Shopping. Buy fresh meats, vegetables, nuts and dairy. Along with canned black beans, lentils or any beans of your choice really. *Beans are healthier carbs as compared to the breads and rice, so this would satisfy your carb cravings. Buy some berries, papaya, pineapple and apples. Lemons and Oranges are good to have too. Always a great idea to buy pre-cleaned, pre-cut vegetables. Here I discuss A Slow Carb Meal Plan for weight loss.
  • Upgrade your skill. If you have no idea how to cook, then get some recipes from this blog. This post on morning routines demystifies breakfast. Energizing Morning Routines Part 1 – Breakfast
  • Golden Rule: Always Eat until full and make sure you get about 25–30 grams of protein every meal and fill up rest of your plate with veggies. Also Mama was right. Chew your food a 30 times. 
  • Drink a lot of water. If you are a list or calendar person, Put a reminder on your calendar to drink 8–10 glasses of plain filtered water every day. If you are the one that snoozes the reminders and ignore the alarms, then build tiny habits* – After I finish breakfast, I will fill a water bottle and put it on my work desk. Or After I reach work, I will fill a water bottle and put it on my work desk. Lastly – If you cant drink plain water add some berries and sliced up lemon to make great tasting infused water.  I also talk about tiny habits in this post. Greatest Productivity Hack – Do not break the chain and What has habits got to do with it?
  • Tracking your weights and measurement is the only boring activity you may have to do periodically. After all this is the only way to know if you are losing weight or not. I talk more about this here. Weights and Measurements Quantified.
  • Lastly Remember to be more kind and forgiving to yourself. If it took you years to put the weight on, don’t expect to lose it in 2 weeks. Slow and Steady is better than on-again, off-again dieting and weight training.
  • Do not underestimate the power of sleep and rest. You need to get your 6-8 hours of sleep. I probably sleep more! If you have a wearable that tracks sleep, figure out if you indeed have a good quality sleep. ***Reminder to self: Write an article about sleep next.**
  • Enjoy the process of your life changing habits. Learn to celebrate every thing and cultivate happiness by means of tiny habits, instead of celebrating with sugar and food.  Express gratitude for a healthy, happy body and family every single day and watch it become healthier, happier and stress free while shedding those fat cells off.
  • Have you seen this post about 5 minute exercise. This may be a great way to add a boost to your weight loss plans. Or change it to 11 minute exercise per day for longevity as per the recent studies. Run, Just Dance, Play Basketball or Catch with kids. There are many options. 
  • Ha. So it looks like there is not really any Rule #2, 3, 4 … but I guess that is how it is. There is only 1 Rule – Diets do not work. Just live a healthy, simple, decision free life style every day and you will never have to diet or join a gym again!

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Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi – What about it?

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People ask me this all the time, What about Diet Coke? Diet Pepsi? Should I be able to lose weight if I drink diet <Insert Favorite Drink Name here>. I can not live without my Diet <Blah>. A look in the mirror or a self-reflection will tell you the answer. You do not need to pay me to answer that question for you. If you are unhappy with how you look and feel, you cannot keep doing what you always do. It is probably a time for a change.

I am not playing doctor. Any advice you read on this blog cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing a health condition please reach out to a qualified healthcare professional. I repeat, do not use this blog as medical advice to treat yourself or others.

Are “diet” drinks good for you?

Seen in big bold colorful writing on food labels on your diet coke and other foods in the box – No Sugar Added, Low Fat, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Low Sugar, heart-healthy.. I can probably go on and on about the adjectives being freely used, but you get the point.

Today I want to call them out – the food and health Industry in USA

for their total, utter and complete “fortified” Bull$$$t,

You have been lied to for decades by food pyramids, politicians, and lobbyists because keeping you in the dark is good for the big Food, big Pharma, Hospitals, Doctors, Health Insurance, and even the diet food industry.

There is also diet alcohol available these days. SMH. Wait. Can I SMH in a blog post? Or is that a social media thing?

Only to find out that you put on more weight as the days go by and by the way you have no energy, you crash 2 hours after eating your diet food and have to go back for your next diet coke.

The Lies Food Industry Tells You.

A 2020 Study by NHANES determined that over 73% of US adults are overweight or obese. That should tell you who is benefitting from the lies perpetrated by the food industry.

I am making no friends by telling you to stop believing the lies of the Health (Read: Processed) food Industry. and I understand I am punching a hornet’s nest by saying this but I was never known for playing it safe so here goes:

They Lie.

They want to keep you stuck.

They don’t have your best interest at heart.

If you want to live a long and healthy life if you want to be able to live long enough to see your children and grandchildren….

Then here is the real truth

You have to break the addiction to Processed Food.

If you are sick, have diabetes, high cholesterol, a heart condition, or are overweight or obese.

It is not you, that is the Problem. It is the chemistry of the food that you eat.

Fix the nutrition first, and It becomes a no-brainer to lose weight.

May be you heard this here first. But I am positive others have said it before.

Ok. We get the point. What diet should I get on?

Really, no matter what diet you follow, you will be fine as long as you eat unprocessed food.

Processed food is everywhere. It is difficult to avoid. Pretty much everything is processed and modified but try as best as you can to read the ingredient label.

Want a recipe for my secret breakfast drink to get lean in 21 days? Learn more here –  Melt Away Every Last lb of Fat. Become Lean in as little as 21 days with This One Trick.

Here are some other ideas to help you get unprocessed foods:

  1. Buy Local: Local produce has longer to ripen naturally before it is picked. This means more nutrients for you!
  2. Eat REAL foods – Foods that are grown, not manufactured, processed, or modified and they do not contain unnecessary additives or preservatives to make it shelf-stable. Think fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, lean meat, and fish. 
  3. Avoid the “Dirty Dozen”: This is the list put together by the Environmental Working Group that highlights the produce that has the highest pesticide residues than other produce items. 
  4. Eat Seasonal Produce: Seasonally fresh produce is picked when ripe and fully developed. This means the plant has also had more sun exposure and will have higher levels of antioxidants.
  5. Wash Your Produce: If you are unable to purchase organic produce, make sure to wash it well in order to remove harmful pesticides from the surfaces of the food. 

What if I cannot break my diet pepsi (diet coke) habit?

Eating unprocessed foods is a lifestyle choice. Once you notice the positive benefits, it will quickly become a habit! I get it. It is difficult swapping your diet coke and diet pepsi for water. But you can try it out. Not ready to give up all at once? Try it a few times. When you go to the refrigerator to get the next can of diet coke, get a bottle of water as well. Drink water first.

Is Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi good for weightloss?

Figure out, how can you make this habit tinier, smaller, atomic, more quantum?

Here is a way: Start by making just a few small changes. Choose fresh, raw, whole foods and get into the habit of keeping them readily available so you can snack on them at the next craving. 

Read more about Hydration Matters: Drink More Water.

Do different. Be different. Feel Good.

True Story – Heard around town at McEvil – I want a diet coke with my Quarter Pounder and Fries. Because I am watching what I eat.

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Swiss Chard Recipe

Easy Swiss Chard Recipe – Superfood Chard with Cranberry, Ginger, Cumin and Cilantro.

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I created this Swiss Chard recipe after receiving my Viome superfoods list, which pretty much told me that everything I was eating was wrong. And I should eat a whole bunch of unknown foods instead. Viome tests for your gut bacteria from a tiny sample of poop and determines the kinds of food that will increase or support the good kinds of microorganisms inside your gut. I do not have any serious or debilitating underlying health conditions that I know of, but I still did the test to see what it finds out.

I developed this Swiss Chard Recipe for a contest in 2020, but it is time I bring it home to my own blog. This recipe indeed is a Superfood Powerhouse – Chard, Cranberry, Cilantro, Cumin, Turmeric.


  • Red and White Chard – 2 Large Bunches
  • Cranberry – Frozen (1/2 cup)
  • Garlic – 1 Tbsp, fresh minced.
  • Ginger – 1 Tbsp, fresh grated.
  • Cilantro – chopped for garnish.
  • Cumin – 1 tsp
  • Ghee – 2 Tbsp
  • Dried Red Chilies – 2 (optional)
  • Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt: to taste
  • Black Pepper: to taste


  • Step 1. Wash and Chop Chard (I used Red and White Chard). Chop the stems and leaves separately to get even cooking. I chop the stems 1/2 inch size and leaves about 2-3 inches
  • Step 2. Chop Cilantro finely for garnish.
  • Step 3. In the Inner Pot of Instant Pot Add 2 Tbsp of Ghee.
  • Step 4. Add Cumin and Dried Red Chilly. Break them up if you want.
  • Step 5. Next Add the Cranberry, followed by garlic and ginger and thicker stem (chopped) of chard.
  • Step 6. Add the Chard Leaves, Salt, Black Pepper and Turmeric.
  • Step 7. Put the Inner Pot inside the Instant Pot. And Set the Instant Pot to Steam, More, 0 Minutes and Venting Position. This helps evaporate all of the water and get you good dry consistency.
  • Step 8. When the Instant Pot beeps, Wait for about 5 minutes and Open the Pot and Stir and mix everything well – so all of that tartness of cranberry and spices are all incorporated well.

Serving Suggestions:

  • I make a vegetable Omelet with this. Crack open 3 eggs, mix steamed chard and make the Omelet.
  • Eat with a side of Garbanzo beans.
  • Eat as a wrap in buckwheat pancake.
  • You can also garnish with Sunflower seeds for crunch.
  • Eat with a side of grilled chicken, shrimp, roasted lamb or any other meats, if that is your protein of choice.

Variations for this Swiss Chard Recipe:

You can also add pitted olives and canned asparagus as well to this recipe in the end.

Also Swiss Chard, Red, White, Orange, Rainbow – Any Chard goes for this recipe. It is all good for you.

You can add Radicchio to this Swiss Chard Recipe. It is difficult to eat radicchio by itself because of bitterness. Cooking pretty much eliminates the bitterness of Radicchio. So it is a win-win.

Here is a Prep Tip for Radicchio

Make sure you soak radicchio in cold water for about 30min – 1 hour before using it in a recipe. Radicchio is another anti-inflammatory food, that you should eat regularly if you are managing any kind of chronic pain.

Why are Chard, Radicchio, Cranberry and Asparagus called Superfoods?

They may or may not be superfoods for you. This is from my personalized Viome recommendations. Viome Gut and Health Intelligence tests provide personalized nutritional recommendations to help address the root cause of inflammation, biological aging, and chronic disease. No affiliations, I am just a customer and believer in their science. Viome recommendations of an entire list of anti-inflammatory ingredients were right on, considering the constant pain I battle with as a result of Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis. – Story for another day! You can Learn more about Viome here

Chard as a Superfood

Chard contains kaempferol which is a flavonoid. Kaempferol is a flavonoid released following microbial metabolism. Kaempferol balances your microbiome, encourages growth beneficial to Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria species, and inhibits the growth of harmful or pathogenic bacteria. Studies indicate that kaempferol decreases inflammation and benefits many biological systems including the gastrointestinal, hormonal, neurological, ocular and immune systems.

Cilantro and Cranberry as Superfoods

Cilantro and Cranberries contain flavonoids which are a class of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a complex group of many compounds released following microbial metabolism. Polyphenols balance your microbiome, encourage the growth of beneficial Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria species and inhibit the growth of harmful or pathogenic bacteria. Research shows that polyphenols decrease inflammation and benefit many biological systems including the gastrointestinal, hormonal, neurological, ocular, and immune systems.

Cranberries and Chard also improve your Intestinal Barrier Health microbiome score.

If you like this recipe, you will also like these.

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What are some Superfoods that you know of? I would love to hear from you and add them to my diet.

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