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A Longevity Snack – Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes, Or Okinawa Sweet Potatoes

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Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes or Okinawa Sweet Potatoes are the most delicious healthy carb you can eat without guilt. I talked about blue zones on my previous post about Longevity here – On Longevity and Healthy Aging #1. Another time we will explore other reasons why Okinawans live longer and healthier lives. One thing that stood out to me while researching the secrets of their longevity was that they primarily eat a plant-based diet. And that they eat a lot of Sweet Potatoes. And the kind they get there are of course Okinawa Sweet Potatoes aka Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes.

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What makes Okinawa Sweet Potatoes Longevity Superfood?

According to this study, Okinawa Sweet Potatoes contain Anthocyanins, besides all of the goodness of other kinds of sweet potatoes. The Anthocyanins have anti-oxidation, anti-mutation, anti-tumor, liver protection, hypoglycemia, and anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties. The anthocyanin content of these Japanese purple sweet potatoes is the highest of all of the potatoes. You can find anthocyanins in many fruits and vegetables such as red grapes, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, red cabbages, elderberry, and radicchio, etc. What makes the purple sweet potato, or Okinawa Sweet Potato stand out is its low cost compared to the berries and other sources.

How to eat Okinawa Sweet Potatoes?

Easy Peasy! I use only One recipe to make this. And All you have to do is.

Wash and Put the Potatoes in a 400 F Oven for 35 minutes. Take out, let rest for about 15-20 minutes to cool. Peel, Gobble-Gobble, And Enjoy!! Refrigerate the leftovers to eat later.

You can watch a short video here I made about Okinawa Sweet Potato.

I am sure you can make chips out of it, boil it, hash brown it or do whatever you do with other Potatoes. But I am too lazy to perfect any other recipe. Because this recipe tastes so good, by itself. Also, it does not destroy nutrition.

This study (check section 3.2) also suggests that the anthocyanins concentration in the Purple Yams, does not degrade at all from baking. However other methods of cooking, such as microwaving, steaming and pressure cooking reduces the anthocyanin content by 8-16%.

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Where do you get these Okinawa Sweet Potatoes?

I pick these up every time I go to the nearest Asian grocery store, because they have the best price. Most grocery stores, as well a whole foods and amazon carry it these days too. I am also seeing some dehydrated Purple Sweet Potato powders, that you could perhaps add water and reconstitute into mashed potatoes. I am not too keen on processed foods, so not linking here.

So what is the point of all this information?

Find some Okinawa Sweet Potatoes or Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes. Learn to bake them and enjoy eating them atleast once or twice a week, instead of your regular carbs (of grain and bread).

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