Weights and Measurements Quantified.

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I love this manual scale at the doctors offices, and I do not want to believe that it is super accurate like the nurse says, because it adds 5 lbs over the scale that I have at home.

There is only a few numbers you need to know when trying to lose weight. .

  1. Your Current Weight
  2. Your Goal Weight
  3. Your body measurements – Arms, bust, waist, thighs etc.

All you need is a measuring tape and a basic weighing scale.

My rule of thumb is, I put the scale in the hallway, or kitchen and always weigh myself as I pass by.

And if you are really lazy like me and do not want to manually write your weight and track it every day, just get a smart digital scale that connects to your home wi-fi and sends your weight to your Apple/Samsung health or any other every time you get on the scale. It might even roughly tell you body composition as well.

Oh, and if you are buying a smart scale, just buy one for each person in the family, who is trying to lose weight with you. You don’t want their data messing with your weightloss.

The only other thing I would measure weekly/monthly is my waist, arms, thighs, etc. Only because a lot of times as your body is losing fat, and you are gaining muscle mass, your body weight remains steady for a long time.

It may seem discouraging to many, seeing the numbers not move on the scale. But if you see that you are fitting into pants or shirts that are a size or 2 smaller that is always a great encouragement!

The reality is you may be losing 20 lbs. of fat, and gaining 5 lbs. of muscle. And it will look “AWESOME” at a total of 15 lbs. of weight loss. But you may never know if you are not tracking the measurements.

You can be fancy and disciplined and you can chart this on a spreadsheet. Trust me – I tried and never kept up with it and I still lost weight.

So it is up to you.

So between my post about the slow-carb way of eating here – A Slow Carb Meal Plan for Weightloss.

and tracking your weights and measurements. I really believe that losing weight is simple and easy. It’s not just the plain old die in the gym, run a marathon, stop eating so much, and you’ll lose weight. It is more of eat a right mix of foods – Protein and vegetables in every meal. Eat until full. And track your measurements. Done!

Have you figured out your current and goal weight? If yes let me know and better yet Book your call with me here today!

Here is a quick recipe for morning weight loss water if you have ingredients on hand.

1. Juice from 1 Lime or Lemon 2. Crushed mint leaves 3. 8 Oz. Glass of Filtered warm water 4. 1/2 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder 5. 1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt (or sea salt, rock salt) 6. 1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Method: 1. Warm Water in microwave for 1 minute 2. Add all other ingredients, mix and drink up.

It tastes really good and perfect for boosting your metabolism and fat burning.

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