Do you eat atleast 2 servings of Fish a week? If not, you are missing out on Essential Omega-3 fatty acids that are Important for supporting brain function, vision, heart health, and immune system especially for rapidly growing kids’ bodies.

All you meat eaters – Get your Salmon and Sardines on!!

If you don’t eat fish then you must supplement DHA from external sources. Flaxseed is a great source of Omega 3/DHA. however, it has an incomplete nutrition profile.

Vegan – DHA Gummies recommendations for kids and adults alike:

I have just ordered these from Amazon – They are Vegan, Egg-free, Gelatin free as well as Nut Free.

However, I have no idea if kids will like the taste of it! Luckily my kids eat Salmon so they do get their DHA. But there are weeks I may have run out of salmon so this may be a great supplement for then …

Vegan DHA Gummies

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