Losing Weight in Ramadan

Fast 2 Fit: Your Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight This Ramadan

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Losing weight this Ramadan? Are you out of your mind? I gain 20 lbs after a month of excruciating fasting!! Well at least this is what I hear and witness year after year in the Muslim households. Ramadan is a food fest. People fast from Dawn to Dusk. As the time for Iftar nears, mostly women start preparing delicious meals fried carbohydrates, sweets, sugars, and all kinds of delicacies. And when the time for breaking the fast arrives at the sunset, everyone eats whatever is in sight. Essentially nullifying all of the health benefits of Ramadan.

And the other view I hear from people that do not know much or anything about Ramadan Fasting is.

Whattt??!! Not even Water?

Yes. Not even Water.

And No. It is not dangerous or harmful for you.

How do I know? Its only because Muslims have been observing the fasting in the month of Ramadan from Dawn to Dusk. For Over 1400 years, and no one has ever died from Fasting. Fasting during Ramadan is prescribed in Islam and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. For a period of 29 (or 30 days), People do not eat, or drink from Sunrise until the Sunset. They are supposed to spend time in the prayers (Ibadah), to raise consciousness (Taqwa) and mindfulness.

I am seeing that modern science is finally catching up to all of the benefits of fasting. And Health and Wellness Gurus are re-inventing all sorts and modes of Fasting. So far. So good.

But Are there any Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting?

Ramadan Meal Plans

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted during the Ramadan fasts and it was found that there are multiple health benefits including, but not limited to losing weight in Ramadan, managing diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Sleeping Better.

Among the proven health benefits of Ramadan and other time-restricted forms of Eating include Weight Loss, Reduction in BMI and Body Fat, Improved Sleep, and Mental Clarity.

Fasting has been found to reduce depression and anxiety, as well as prevention of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ramadan fasting has been proven in multiple scientific studies, that it successfully prevents chronic health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity, as well as improves mental health and wellbeing.

You can download the Free Report below to learn more details of the studies here.

Do you feel guilty of spending your Ramadan in the Kitchen instead of inner reflection and purifying your soul?

Is this you? As the month of fasting begins, Do you feel the dread of low energy, fatigue, hunger, and thirst?
Do you feel tired all day? Scared of extreme hunger pangs multiple times a day? As the day passes by the feelings of weakness and lethargy that come from fasting. 

And then instead of self-reflection, and reading and understanding the Quran and Salah, you rush through your prayers and spend all the time in the kitchen making a feast. You meal prep your Samosas, Pakoras, dahi bhallas (or whatever the food of your region is), and Sweet delicacies to indulge in. And the time of Iftar and Dinner becomes a Big Night Time Food Fest with a variety of foods. So instead of Losing Weight this Ramadan, you are well on your way to put on some more.

What if you could actually get all of the health benefits of Ramadan this year?

It is no easy task when the physical restraints of fasting are so laborious on your body. A constant reminder of hunger various times a day teaches you the importance of food and water and the various bounties that Allah has created for us.

But I can tell you, there is a way. Rise to the challenges that Allah (SWT) set for us during this time, and develop a healthier outlook, all while losing weight, living our best lives, and remaining balanced as we progress through this holy month. The Fast 2 Fit Guide has Ramadan Meal Plans and Easy Recipes to multiply the Health Benefits of Ramadan for you multifold. And if Losing weight This Ramadan is your main goal, it comes with a promise of up to 22 lbs or 10 kg of weight loss this month – if you follow the program exactly as is.

“Allah is with those who restrain themselves.”

Quran 16: 128.

Some Ramadan Meal Plans

Here are some Ramadan Recipes. Meal Plan ideas, that are super simple and healthy such that you will enjoy the delicious food and not have to

Health Benefits of Watermelon, Summer Superfood #4,

Easy Meatballs Recipe with Spices and Herbs, Quinoa Recipe with Almond and Pistachio,

Curry Roasted Chickpeas – No one can eat just once.

Some ideas for Suhur – Chia Pudding, Suhur Chai, Slimming Morning Drink

What is in the Fast 2 Fit Guide?

In the Fast 2 Fit Guide, You will find proven Ramadan Recipes, Sunnah, and  Islamic ways to Weight Loss and lose up to 22lbs or 10 kgs this Ramadan. This book is an easy-to-follow guide for anyone that wants to lose weight for the holy month of Ramadan. The book contains delicious recipes using the foods mentioned in the Noble Quran. These recipes help you shed weight, burn belly fat, and build muscle. We also discuss ways of conduct during Ramadan for fasting, eating, and drinking as well as Prayers so not only you lose your physical weight you strengthen your Iman and Increase your Taqwa and Piety and Consciousness of Allah (SWT). 

What would you look like on Eid Day, 22 lbs (10 kg) lighter?

Let those gross bulging stomachs, flabby arms, and triple chins become a thing of the past! If you already have your Eid Clothing, Resize it to 2 Size Lower. Imagine if you could eat and drink all of the favorite foods of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). And follow the guidelines of Sunnah for this month of Ramadan. The guidelines were laid down 1400 years ago. Narrated, Followed, and Committed to over by the generations before us in the Hadith and Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet (SAW).

Achieving Weight loss and Health by Observing the Islamic Methods of Fasting and Eating Foods according to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Do not forget to sign up one you check out the articles there.

Losing Weight This Ramadan

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Indian Curry Sauce

Indian Curry Sauce Recipe – Brown Curry Sauce

Easy Cooking, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Self Care, Weight Loss Recipes

If You are a fan of Indian Food, You have got to learn this basic building block of curry. Even If you are a seasoned cook and the recipes cheat around these corners bother you, you should still try your own variations of it so you never have to slog in the kitchen all day, well unless the kitchen is your happy place.

Backstory – Ever since my kids were born, I have spent a lot of time and effort identifying the most effective, and quickest ways to create delicious recipes. I was trying to lose weight while I could still eat the foods that taste great. Our recipes are for foods that are both healthy and delicious, and that’s why we’re confident you won’t find a better resource for low-carb meals. Ok don’t just take my word for it, try this out to know it for yourself.

Want a recipe for my secret breakfast drink to get lean in 21 days? Learn more here –  Melt Away Every Last lb of Fat. Become Lean in as little as 21 days with This One Trick.

​What you need to make this Indian Curry Sauce:

This will make a LOT of Indian Curry Sauce. Reduce the Quantity as you please. As for me If I am putting the time and effort into this, I would make larger quantities.

  • ​Roughly Chopped Yellow or White Onions: 1 lb
  • ​Garlic 2-3 Bulbs: 1/4 lb
  • ​Roughly Chopped Ginger: about 1/4 lb
  • One 6 oz. Can of Tomato Paste – Using Tomato Paste gives your Curry that rich red color (if you are not into adding a lot of Paprika or Cayenne Pepper)
  • ​Olive oil, Avocado Oil, or Butter: 2 Tbsp

​And the Spices:

I am not playing doctor. Any advice you read on this blog cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing a health condition please reach out to a qualified healthcare professional. I repeat, do not use this blog as medical advice to treat yourself or others.

​Instructions to make Indian Curry Sauce:

  1. ​Heat oil over medium-high heat in a thick-bottomed pan.
  2. ​Add Everything in the pan (Except the Tomato Paste) and cook until everything is lightly browned and most of the water is evaporated, should take just about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat, Add Tomato Paste and mix and let it cook on residual heat.
  4. ***Alternatively – You can Dump All Ingredients in the Instant Pot – Oil, Followed by Onion and then Everything Else And Saute for 8 minutes with Vent Open, and achieve the same effect.****
  5. Let cool for at least 1 hour.
  6. Finally – the moment of truth. Use an Immersion Hand Blender to grind this mixture into a thin paste. A large food processor or blender jar will work too.
  7. You could also throw in a handful of fresh green chilly peppers at this time (which I do because I love my curries slightly hot!).
  8. Store in your small meal prep container or freeze in muffin tins. Could be used for several months.

Recipes to be made with the Brown Indian Curry Sauce

Once you have this sauce ready, the possibilities are endless. So, Let me explain this with chicken.

1, Stir fry chicken breast, add Sauce, and Garam Masala. And simmer with some water and An awesome Chicken Curry is ready in no time. Do not forget to garnish with some cilantro in the end.

2, Stir fry chicken breast, add Sauce,and Garam Masala. And simmer with coconut milk and Another awesome Chicken Curry is ready. Yes do not forget the cilantro.

3, Stir fry some chicken breast, add Sauce, and simmer with water, heavy cream, and crush a small amount of dried Fenugreek Leaves (Kasuri Methi) and Garam Masala and you get Better-Than-The-Restaurant Chicken Tikka Masala.

Here are some detailed recipes to try – Green Beans In Brown Curry Sauce, or Easy Curry Fish: A Good Fish Curry Recipe. or Curried Cauliflower Recipe aka Aloo Gobhi

So, What will you make with this Indian Curry Sauce?

But there is more. My AI generated poetry of the day.

I love curry, 
I love it with rice, 
And every time I eat it, 
My Belly starts to Rise.

On a serious note though, Curry contains some serious fat burning stuff, if you know what else to eat it with. If you want to learn how you know where to find me.

Health Benefit of Walking, High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, Martin Gibala, Five Minute Exercise, One Minute Exercise

No Time to Exercise? Learn about The 5-Minute Exercise here.

Fitness, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, longevity, Self Care, Weightloss

I learned about the 5-minute exercise from Martin Gibala’s book – The One-Minute Workout. Martin Gibala is a Ph.D and researcher in Exercise Science (kinesiology) at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON in Canada. Well, the gist of Martins’s multi-year long research is that, even if you have no time to exercise, there exists a cheat in the form of quantum bursts of high-intensity interval training, that you can actually sprinkle throughout your day. And reap the same health benefits, as with religiously exercising 5x a week in the gym.

​If you already do some form of exercise GREAT!! Skip ahead to read something else. This post is for people that believe that they have no time to exercise.

The others, with ‘no time to exercise’ excuse – Read on and be amazed!

You do not have to sweat and die training at the gyms. You do not have to run endless loops and swim a thousand laps to be fit. Not that there is no purpose for it. If you have the time, and access to the gym and a trainer definitely do that. However, if you are short of time, because of life – a project deadline, parenthood, sick child at home, or whatever, there exists a method that enables you to reap the same health benefits as hours of exercise in just minutes a day!

You do not have to fit your life around workout. You can fit your workout around life - sprinkling in the sprints here and there through out the course of the day. 
-Martin Gibala in The One Minute Workout

Oh! Yes. You do.

Do you have at least 5 minutes in a day? Yes. You do.

You want to lose weight, fast? Yes. You do.

But. You are so busy. You have no time to exercise. Oh. Yes. You do.

Well At least if you learn what is the “Minimum Effective Dose” of exercise you need to get lean, be healthier, fight aging, feel good, boost immunity, fight cancer, viruses, bacteria, and allergies. Would you do it?

Less than the time it takes you to check social media – you can do a few quantum bursts of exercise and beat heart disease, and diabetes, and Cancer. Would you make the 5 minutes for that?

Ok then. That’s settled. Now that we made the said 5-minutes of time. And beat the – but I have no time to exercise – excuse.

No Time to Exercise? Learn the 5 minute exercise.

The 5-minute exercise is a super simple method, that you can use even if you have no gym membership and no exercise equipment at home

How exactly do I do the 5-minute exercise?

Here is one way to do it. But feel free to change it up, depending on what your space, time, and mood allows you. ​​

STEP 1 – Warm up for 1 minute with light walking on the sidewalk or around the house or office.

STEP 2- For 20 seconds RUN at your maximum speed. Run like there is a BOA Constrictor chasing you.

STEP 3 – Slow down and walk at the normal pace for 1 minute.

STEP 4 – For 20 seconds, repeat the RUN at your maximum pace.

STEP 5 – Walk at the normal pace for 1 minute

STEP 6 – Pretty much alternate slow walking and super-fast running until your 5 minutes are done.

Lastly, Cool down by walking gently for about a minute, or until you reach back home or where ever you were going.

​That is it. You are done. That is the 5-Minute Exercise!! Get creative. If you have a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, or stepper at home feel free to use that and do the 20-second sprints at the maximum resistance and fastest speeds you can endure.

What is the best time to do the 5-minute exercise?

The best time to exercise is in a fasted state. Before breakfast is perfect. If you are always rushed in the mornings, you could actually fit in your 5-minute exercise routines before any of the meals.

Want a recipe for my secret breakfast drink to get lean in 21 days? Learn more here –  Melt Away Every Last lb of Fat. Become Lean in as little as 21 days with This One Trick.

What can I do if I cannot go out and have no exercise equipment at home?

If you are unable to go out and run and have no exercise equipment whatsoever, get creative and find steps in your home or neighborhood and just climb up and down the steps for your exercise. And make sure to the steps as fast as you can for your 20-second sprints.

If you like this post, you will like these as well: On Exercise | Diet, and Health and Easiest Way To Lose Weight- How to? What is?

I hope this information demystified the exercise for you and you are able to find the 30 seconds bursts of time sprinkled throughout your day to do the 5-minute exercise.

If you still see openings on the calendar below, Spots are still available. Book 1:1 “Finally Thin Forever” Clarity Call with me If you want to achieve long-term sustainable weight loss without supplements, products, and boring bland diet food. 

During this powerful 1:1 Clarity Call, we will work together to

  1. Create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you will be living in your new, slim, sexy. confident body.
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and keeping you from getting the body you want.
  3. Leave this session renewed, inspired and finally ready to lose all the weight you want – once and for all. 

To claim your free offer Select a time slot that works for you. Give yourself about 45-90 minutes for the consultation.

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Health Benefit of Walking, High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, Martin Gibala, Five Minute Exercise, One Minute Exercise

Health Benefits of Walking

Children Health, Fitness, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, longevity, Self Care, Weightloss

Health Benefits of Walking? Yes. The forgotten art of walking in our busy desk jobs. And with a good side effect of improving physical and mental health. Walking does not require special equipment. Put on your shoes, weather-appropriate clothes, and off you go. You cannot get it wrong. You have been walking a long time!

What I learned from walking Over 1000 Miles in a Year?

Turns out, In the School Year 2018-2019 I walked between 2-3 miles every weekday and even more hiking and traveling during the weekends and holidays. I had been eating well, had time to work out as well as hiking, and traveling as much as I could already. I had no special challenge or motivation to walk 1000 miles or run, or however goal setters do their thing.

Want a recipe for my secret breakfast drink to get lean in 21 days? Learn more here –  Melt Away Every Last lb of Fat. Become Lean in as little as 21 days with This One Trick.

Why I wanted to do “something”?

Well. I did not. Apparently, it just so happened that I walked that much. This post is a retrospective. I was looking back at my Apple Health data while cleaning up an old iCloud backup and Apparently, I may have walked a total of 1000 miles in the school year of 2018-2019, and possibly continued the trend until the lockdown started in March 2020.

How exactly did I make it happen, then?

 I did not set a goal that I will start walking every day. I am sure If I had set one, I would have not stuck to it. And then blamed myself for failing, as humans do. Turns out, I was told by my chiropractor to wear this brace and walk at least 20 minutes every day in order to manage my chronic back pain. My son’s school is exactly 15 minutes of a leisurely walk away from home. And we are also in the walk zone for school. Hence it was a no-brainer. I was getting over an hour of walking every single school day. 30 minutes for the drop off in the morning, and 30 minute in the afternoon for the pickup.

My walking routine on school days

I would put on my walking brace in the morning, drop off the kids and walk back home. Repeat in the evening, for pick up from school. Our walk to and from school was our own “Mommy and Me time”. We chatted about the mundane and important things in life without phone screens or distractions. We learned mnemonics, elements of the periodic table, multiplication and division flashcards, and planned movies nights, pizza nights, or what sports to learn next season. We talked about such esoteric things as God, The Power of Belief, Happiness of the Pursuit, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I can perhaps write a whole entire book about our walks to school! May be I should.

And as my Chiropractor had promised, walking in the brace indeed helped manage the back pain better. Within a few weeks of walking, the back pain was a thing of the past.

You have been walking for a long time. You got this!

you cannot mess this up.

What I learned about habit formation and achievement?

Everyone knows the hardest step is the starter Step. Get your first step out the door. If you are trying to build a routine for walking every day, Just take the starter step.

Your habit recipe idea #1.

After I eat dinner, I will put on my walking shoes. And then do a high 5! To celebrate that you Indeed, put on your walking shoes instead of slouching in front of TV. It is entirely up to you, if you want to take off the shoes and go back to watching TV now, or you might as well go for a walk, since you have the shoes on!

Your habit recipe idea #2.

Another recipe could be.

After turning off my work computer for the day, I will walk to the mailbox. (Don’t forget the celebration, when you do the habit.). Perhaps walk a little more, around the block or walk back home from the mailbox. It is entirely up to you.

Bonus points: If you have not read the tiny habits book yet, you should get it here.

Now with exercise and working out, one might feel awkward – about how good your form is, how you look, or if those gym clothes look good over your big computer belly.

However, with walking, you have no excuses. You can simply go out for a walk. Or Walk around the home.

Beside you do not have to pay for a membership to walk.

What else did I learn from my walking habit?

I found that having a set route and routine – going to and from school at the designated drop-off and pick-up times is what helped me accomplish this feat, that I had not even set for myself. I exactly knew how long it takes, how far I will be walking and there was no friction to dampen my willingness to go out for the walk to school.

It never felt like an exercise or anything “extra” I had to do. It was routine!

Also, check out some of the other useful posts about movement – Have You Heard About 5-Minute Exercise? or this one On Exercise | Diet, and Health.

These are some of the other places I walked around when school was out.

The point of the story is……

If you are trying to start walking 1. Take the first step. 2. Walk to the mailbox. 3. Find a set route and routine 4. Find new places to explore – waterfalls, creeks, wildlife, and seashells to discover.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. It’s up to you. It could be hiking a trail. It could be walking to the store, or it could be running a half marathon.

Alright. Alright. Much Ado About Walking. I am sure no one needs any more Convincing.

Conclusion: What exactly are the health benefits of walking?

I discovered today that I accidentally walked 1000 miles one school year. And that triggered this post.

Personally that year I managed my back pain. It went down from a 7/10 to 0/10 within the weeks that I started my daily walks to school.

My weight hovered around 120-126 lbs. Since March 2020 when the lockdown began and schools were out, I did gain weight and I weigh between 130-135 lbs. I am 5′ 4” and I am probably more OK at 126Lbs than at 135!

Walking was my me-time. Or Mommy-and-me time for me and my son. It was therapeutic since I almost never get time to sit and meditate longer than a few deep breaths.

Take a look at this study that shows that walking has many health benefits on fitness, resting blood pressure, blood pressure control, weight loss, preventing depression and cardiovascular diseases.

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journey is on_copenhagen airport

Three Weeks into Every January.

Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Self Care

I am not playing doctor. Any advice you read on this blog cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing a health condition please reach out to a qualified healthcare professional. I repeat, do not use this blog as medical advice to treat yourself or others.

If you are a New Years Resolutions kind of person, you absolutely want to read this today especially if you are beating yourself up (or about to) on breaking that resolution already. To make it even worst, If you are in most parts of the northern hemisphere it’s dark, cold, and depressing without much sunshine. And if the year is 2021, which it is; these pandemic lockdowns do not help much either!

Ok. So Your New Years Resolutions have failed? If not, this is awesome. And comment below and let me know your secret. How exactly were you able to keep up with your resolutions.

And if you are beating up on yourself, because you stopped going to the gym or eating healthy, or writing, reading, saving – whatever your resolution was on January 1st.

The first step – Stop beating up on yourself.

Secondly, If you are feeling the blues, get a good Vit D supplement. I know, I know – Go to the doctor first and confirm if you have a deficiency. Also generally a good time of the year to do your annual physical as well. Here is the Vit D supplement I take around winters, and I like it so far. All I know from tests is I am not deficient and generally feel good, positive, and upbeat! I also don’t go crazy and take only one tablet every few days, as needed, and feel just fine. You do you – If you are confused ask your doctor.

Third, Use your sick day for a mental health day. I know because I have been there. I used to think that taking sick-day off for no apparent “physical” sickness is procrastinating and dishonest. And It would only mean putting off that day’s work for the next day. My 8 year old would call this kind of thinking cray-cray! And it sure was crazy thinking – Do bad quality work and ruin health, instead of resting and recharging and getting your best work done.

I am not entirely sure if Dalai Lama said this, but here goes – Humans sacrifice their health in order to make money. Then sacrifices money to recuperate their health.

Really try it. I do not have to quote The Dalai Lama to make you change your mindset. Take the day off and sleep, rest, meditate, disconnect from technology completely. You will be surprised how much more productive and better you will be the next day.

Fourth – Can’t take a whole day off? Just put on your walking shoes and weather-appropriate outfit and go out for a walk. Take kids out to the playground. Kids love to play in 4-degrees Fahrenheit weather as well as 85-degrees Fahrenheit.

Fifth – What is with New Years Resolutions? Live every day like it is your Birthday, New Year, or whatever you celebrate. It is always a good day, to have a good day

What if you did the Opposite?

  • Do not make new year’s resolutions like everyone else.
  • Make resolutions anytime you want.
  • Follow them immediately.
  • Get into the habit of breaking down your resolutions into many behaviors that will help you achieve your resolutions. Make Behaviours Tiny.
  • Instead of making a resolution that I will publish a book in 2021. (Which I know will overwhelm me and I would have given up around this time.) My tiny behavior is to WRITE EVERY DAY.
  • It is actually even tinier. Here it is – After I settle kids down for their 9 AM virtual school, I will open my WordPress and Click the “Write” button. I talk about productivity and tiny habits in this post here – Greatest Productivity Hack – Do not break the chain. And What has habit got to do with it?

I hope that solves the “Giving up on resolutions” Problem for some of you reading. And if it helped even one person, that made my day!

Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.

Winnie the Pooh ~A.A.Milne

Have you seen my Desk Job Weight Loss Guide yet? It gives you easy to use weight loss techniques that help you lose weight, even if you have never lost weight ever despite trying all kinds of diets and exercises.

And random joke of the day!

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common? The same middle name.

~Do not know the Author. I have no idea who writes these jokes.

P.S. Want to book time with me to talk about Productivity, Weightloss, Stress Management, or anything related to Health and Wellness? I open some spots every now and then. Find a spot on my calendar here: Talk to Sharfunnisa

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5 Tips to Handle Emotions and Stress at Work

Healthy Living, Self Care

Juggling work, relationships, kids, and other responsibilities often can lead to stress and emotional turmoil. We’ve all been there! There is a deadline at work, but you have a million things to do at home and suddenly you feel the tears welling up.

The pressure can become too much, but we are taught to hide our emotions in the workplace. Society runs on efficiency, and a lot of people think that If you are experiencing emotions at work then you are no longer efficient, and therefore invaluable. This narrative is just not true!

There are ways to become friends with your emotions so you can have a hold over them, and not let them have a hold over you.

Tip # 1 Speak to Someone Regularly

It helps to have someone hold space for us to be able to talk out and process our emotions. Hiring a therapist or a life coach is a great way to process your emotions in a safe place. When you consistently let out your emotions in a safe space, it creates emotional health and awareness. When feelings of stress and overwhelm at work creep up, you are more equipped to let the feelings rise and wash away, without becoming upset or lashing out at a coworker. You are also practicing getting them out, which prevents you from bottling emotions inside and exploding on the easiest target.

Tip #2 Work out Before you go to Work

If you notice yourself getting stressed and emotional at work without being able to control it, a good way to take control is to exercise before work. If you begin work early this could be a challenge, however, it will give you time to de-stress and work some energy through your body before you begin your day. Scientists at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. This means that even a 5 minute work out before you head to work can do wonders to manage your emotions during work.

Tip #3 Find a Quiet Spot in the Office, or Somewhere Close By

When you feel emotions rising and you know it’s not appropriate to share, find a quiet place away from the commotion, or find a favorite coffee shop close by. Creating a sanctuary at your job can work wonders for emotional health and stress. Find a safe place to remove yourself from the situation, grab some water and recenter yourself. When you remove yourself from the stressful situation to recalibrate you take back your power.

Tip #4 Learn more about Emotional Intelligence

When we learn more about emotional intelligence and personal development we begin to discover where we still have unresolved trauma and places where growth is necessary. Begin listening to Ted Talks and reading books on stress and emotional intelligence. There is a lot of material out there designed to help you gain control back and work through things you may be suppressing.

Tip #5 Let go of the Shame

If you are totally stressed and feel like an emotional wreck at work, don’t make it worse by shaming yourself. That’s the worst thing you could do because you are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You don’t need to put any blame on yourself for having emotions because they are totally natural! Everyone processes things in their own way, don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember that if you are going through a rough time, everyone else can relate. You are not alone, and shaming yourself into believing there is something wrong with you is completely unnecessary.

Hopefully, with this information, you can continue to bring your best self to your daily life in the workplace. If you do get emotional or stressed, you have a toolbox you can pull from to refocus and take control.