Why is Celebration important in creating habits?

Yesterday I wrote about my favorite productivity hack, that has been working so far with the writing. As well as has worked for many many years in all of the areas of life – eating well, figuring out work, kids school, and everything in between. You can read about it here and then come back to read this post.

Emotions create habits.

BJ Fogg in his book Tiny Habits – The small changes that change every thing.

Oh and if you have already not picked up the book for reading, you can do that here. Tiny Habits – The small changes that change everything by BJ Fogg. Might be just the perfect present for yourself if you are trying to change any area of your life!

When you are trying to wire in a new habit, it is not the repetition for 21 day, 33 days or 66 days that creates the habit. You create the habit by feeling good. And you can actually trick your gullible brain into feeling good in order to create the habit faster.

What happens when you take a bite of that chocolate chip cookie, or your favorite dessert or food? You feel good, and you want more of it.

Stronger the emotion of celebration, faster your brain rewires. There are many ways to celebrate. You might be the one that celebrates over-the-top happy dance, or one that celebrates with a fist bump or high five or a quiet YESSS!!

For your brain to rewire into doing the new habit, you have to do the celebration immediately after doing your habit. Essentially you are feeling the emotion right after the new habit. All habits form in this way – the good ones, or the bad ones!

So in my case, of trying to improve my writing here is the recipe I follow: After I make my morning tea, I will go to my office and open WordPress to write. And then I do a Fist Bump. <<thas my over the top celebration for just opening the WordPress. well now that I have WordPress open, I will do the writing. But the important part is I need to get into the habit of opening the WordPress at some point during the day!>>

How do you celebrate when your favorite sport team wins?

Find your celebration.

And use it to create new habits. This year, for the first time you may actually succeed in keeping up with your new years resolutions, if you are into that kind of thing.

Happy New Year 2021!

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