Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

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I looked up the studies to learn about the health benefits of Bay Leaves because I have seen that my parents and grandparents always start cooking meats with the Bay Leaves, along with many similar spices. Bay leaves have been used in Indian, Mediterranean, and Other Asian Cuisines to improve the flavors of meat, fish, soups, and vinegar, since ancient times. I had not even finished my research, entirely and I have a good reason to be excited and drop everything so I can write this article before I forget about it and the excitement wears off. Bay Leaves are so good for your health!!

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So, What exactly are the health benefits of Bay Leaves?

According to one study from 2009, it was confirmed that bay leaves reduced serum glucose, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, and increased HDL cholesterol levels in the test subjects with type 2 diabetes. Translation – Bay leaves contain anti-oxidant Polyphenols. Which are good for your heart health and also managing diabetes.

I am not playing doctor. Any advice you read on this blog cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing a health condition please reach out to a qualified healthcare professional. I repeat, do not use this blog as medical advice to treat yourself or others.


According to this study, A reduction of over 20% in blood glucose was observed upon taking only 1g of powdered bayleaf every day for 30 days.

Heart Disease

According to this study, consumption of as little as 1g of bay leaves for only 30 days reduced the LDL (bad) Cholesterol and increased the HDL (good) cholesterol. A reduction in Triglycerides level was also observed. This simply means, you should consume bay leaves for good heart health it helps to reduce the risks of Stroke and other heart diseases.

Other Health Benefits of bay Leaves

This study describes Bay Leaves uses for healing wounds, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, immunostimulant, anticholinergic, antifungal, insect repellant, anticonvulsant, antimutagenic, and analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Well thats is a whole lot of anti-bad-things. And that is a good thing.

This research suggests application of bay leaf powder on wound, for healing, pain relief and its anti viral and anti bacterial effects.

What does Bay Leaves taste like?

Like all spices, you add very little and reap a lot of benefits from them. I cook for a family of 4, sometimes 2-3 guests. And usually, I end up using 1-2 bay leaves. Another way of using it is to grind it in your spice grinder along with the other garam masala ingredients. I have not chewed on a bay leaf so I cannot tell what it tastes like by itself, all I can say is it does make food and curry taste delicious!

Where do I get Bay Leaves from?

Head over to your nearest Asian/Indian or Mediterranean grocery store to get your bay leaves. Or order online here. It is probably the best price for bulk order, if you want to start adding it to your meat, fish and soups daily in order to manage or prevent diabetes and are at risk for heart diseases.

How to use Bay Leaves in food?

That’s the easy part. When you heat Oil to start cooking a soup, or meat add 1-2 leaves. If you have ground bay leaves as part of your garam masala, adding a sprinkle of garam masala in your food should take care of your daily bay leaves needs. Again with spices, less is more. Remember not to overdo anything. Everything in moderation is beneficial for you!

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No joke comes to mind today. But I have an unrelated, fascinating piece of speech to share from Richard Feynman’s Nobel Lecture. I have no idea, why I have to know these things or what will I ever do with this information. Yet, here I am, sharing this information. My attitude towards the modern medicine especially as it is practiced in America can indeed be summed up in this quote of Feynmans.

 I also had a personal feeling, that since they didn’t get a satisfactory answer to the problem I wanted to solve, I don’t have to pay a lot of attention to what they did do.

Richard Feynman in his Nobel Lecture, on receiving Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1965.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a high regards for doctors, nurses and other health care workers and their dedication to their professions. Especially in the time of this pandemic. My problem is with the general emphasis on “fixing” and “diseases” as opposed to prevention of diseases and good health.

Well this is a rant for an entirely new post. But if you are still reading, and have weight to lose, and no time to work out 5 days a week and eat boring bland foods, you know you can learn about my weight loss methods here.

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