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If you have ever tried to lose weight, I am sure you have been carried away by the “Low Fat”, “Low Sugar” labels on juices, yogurts, and all kinds of processed foods tricking you into believing that eating less fat will help you lose weight.

Unless you were doing the Keto. The famous K-word.

That is the other end of the spectrum. Keto “dieters” drink cream, eat bacon and cheese and believe that is how they lose their weight! And probably they do!

I am not going into the “diet” discussion today. Although, I love food way too much to give up any of it. I am pretty sure that “ALL DIETS WORK”. They are just not sustainable long term. They are diets; Eat this, do not eat that. – Is not the way to live.

Do (Healthy) Fats Matter?

I will probably write about the diets another day. But today I want to talk about Healthy Fats that you could incorporate into your diet in order for your body to function properly.

Good fats are required for cell growth, organ protection, producing hormones, absorbing nutrients from fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins D and K.

Fats also keep you fuller longer. If you have diabetes, or pre-diabetic it is a great choice for your body to get its energy from fats and proteins than carbs. Fats will not raise your blood sugar levels, like Carbohydrates and Sugars.

Fats are the perfect replacement, for when you are trying to get off sugar and trying to find a way to kick that craving. Fat makes you feel full, longer and in turn may help with losing weight, because you are not binging on sugar every 2 hours.

Remind me to talk about the science of fat another day – The trans fat, mono and polyunsaturated fat, and saturated and unsaturated fats.

Just a quick statement – Stay away from the Trans Fat and Limit how much of Saturated fat you eat. Also I say it all the time – Stay away from processed food as well.

Wise and Good choice of healthy fats.

Animal fat if you eat meat, milk, and eggs. I personally rarely go for a low-fat option for any of those. Just make sure you do not overdo it. If you want to lose weight, you still want to be roughly under your calorie requirement. Notice I said “roughly”. Only because CICO is not straightforward math.

Fat from plants like Avocado, flax seed, nuts such as cashews, almonds etc.

Omega-3s and DHA get a special mention because they are good for your brain. There has been some recent controversy if the omega 3s are indeed beneficial (as with all the science and confirmation bias) But I do stick to eating my 2 servings of fish. Salmons, Sardines, and sometimes Tuna in Sushi, or other kinds of fish such as snapper, pompano, and pollocks.

In fact, if you are a vegetarian/vegan and do not eat much fish at all look into eating an Omega 3 Supplement. These Omega 3 Gummies are Vegan and my kids love these. There are many options for Adults Omega 3 tablets as well. But if you do eat fish, stick to2 servings of that per week.

All that said, the healthiest cooking methods for animal fat is really grilling on searing on the pan or baking. Think Stir Fry instead of Deep Fry. Think using Air Fryer instead of frying in Oil.

Deep frying adds a ton of flavor and taste to the food. I absolutely get that and that is why occasionally you do get to indulge in those.

For the most part, Every day though you should be OK with an Ezekiel Bread toast, topped with Avocado and Greens and a delicious warm egg. Don’t forget to sprinkle hot red pepper flakes on them for that extra boost of capsaicin (which by the way also helps with weightloss. Stealth and delicious). **Pictured Below**

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Avocado, Eggs and Greens on a Whole Grain Ezekiel Bread Toast.

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