Pearl Millet Dosa

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I love dosa. Its a comfort food for me.  I thought of making a healthier version of regular dosa. So I tried to replace carb loaded high-GI white rice with low GI millets. Millets are also richer in protein and dietary fiber as compared to the white polished rice.

Millets are known to reduce the risk of colon cancer. {Citation: As per this study Anti-inflammatory effects of millet bran derived-bound polyphenols}

There are many version of  millet dosa. Today its a simple version of it to include it in our daily food.


Pearl Millet 1 cup

Urad dhal 1/4 cup

Flattened rice/poha 1/4 cup

Fenugreek seeds/ methi 1 tsp

Method to Prepare the Dosa Batter

  1. Wash and soak Pearl Millet, Urad dhal, Fenugreek seeds for 5 to 6 hours. 
  2. Soak flattened rice for 10 minutes right before grinding the soaked grains.
  3. Grind the Pearl millet mixture in a mixer or grinder until smooth.
  4. Finally add soaked poha and pulse for 3 to 4 times
  5. Rest the batter for 10 hours in a warm place in your kitchen or inside the Oven with lights on until the batter ferments and rise.
  6. If you live in a cold place, leave it to ferment longer for up to 12 hours depending upon the weather. 

Making the Millet Dosa

  1. Heat a seasoned cast iron pan or a non stick pan on medium-high heat. 
  2. Spray a little cooking oil, or use a brush to spread oil on the pan.
  3. Use a Ladle to pour the fermented Dosa batter on the pan and spread thinly
  4. When the edges start to become brown turn over and fold.
  5. Serve with chutneys of your choice. 


  • 1
    It is important to ferment the batter to get a crispy dosa
  • 2
    Wash Grains thoroughly before soaking to get all the pesticides, dirt and dust away 
  • 3
    Millets are very healthy but an acquired taste, much like other healthy things. So, If you do not like the taste of millet you can add some rice and pearl millet in equal proportion for your Dosa.

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