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My Top Five Ways to Prevent Seasonal Allergies.

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How exactly do you prevent seasonal allergies with food and some supplements? Allergy season is almost here. And I started seeing Flonase, and Zyrtec ads everywhere and remembered that It’s time to revive this post from the past.

Seasonal allergies are a common problem during spring and fall. There is beauty and crisp fresh weather if you are healthy and have a strong immune system to fight off the pollen and allergens. But If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know that your sneezes aren’t just sneezes – they’re a sign that your body is out of whack. As the seasons change, allergens come out in full force, making it nearly impossible to avoid them and enjoying the beauty of Spring and Fall is perhaps the last thing on your mind!

Every year you go back to the doctor with allergy symptoms, or go back to the same old Zyrtec, Claritin, Flonase and still have no cure, You could try these natural supplements and foods. That is pretty much my standard toolkit for preventing seasonal allergies. 

How to prevent seasonal allergies naturally?

Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor. As well as statements made here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any product I recommend on this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **Always refer to the manufacturer’s label on the product for description, recommended dose and precautions. Always consult your medical doctor for contraindications of taking even a natural supplement. It may interfere with other medications or conditions such as Pregnancy and Nursing.

How to prevent seasonal allergies naturally

 If you have seasonal allergies, they’re likely making you miserable and sick. This happens every year or twice each year, and they drive you crazy.

Now that we have legal disclaimers out of the way, here are my personally tried and tested supplements, recipes and concoctions for Preventing Seasonal Allergies. Try them out. I usually get a head start on these, even before the pollen starts showing up.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf is a rich source of natural chlorophyll. It has been used in ancient cultures to help with respiratory conditions, including Asthma and is even known to reduce pain, inflammation and urinary tract infections. 

Before the Allergy season begins, take 2 capsules daily with food. You can get it in any health food store or Amazon. Get Nettle Leaf here

Quercetin and Bromelain

Quercetin is a naturally occurring anti-histamine as well as an anti-inflammatory. Bromelain helps with the absorption of Quercetin.

Eat Pineapple.

Bromelain is also found in pineapples, so if you have not added pineapples to your diet yet, do it now. Grill them, Juice them or make a smoothie. All of it tastes good. Just skip the pineapple cake, all that added carb and sugar sort of defeats the whole purpose.

So, if you have seasonal allergies, and also suffer from any kind of chronic pain, Order Now Quercetin + Bromelain here. supplement for you. 

Vitamin C and Zinc

Allergy Season, Flu Season any Season? Jut take plenty of Vit C and Zinc either from natural sources such as citrus fruits, and hot peppers. But if you are not the one to eat fruits every day make sure you stock up your supplement cabinet with this Immune booster. It available in your local pharmacy or Costco for sure. I just have this one on my Amazon subscription for convenience. Get Zinc here And Vitamin C 

Local Raw Honey with Bee Pollen

There is something to be said about locally sourced raw honey, that comes directly from the plants in your neighborhood that the bees helped pollinate. This is another way of getting a local and natural source of Quercetin. The only side effect of over dosing on delicious, sweet honey would be that however healthy it is to prevent the allergies, It may be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. However if you are at an optimal weight and want to try it out, get the honey from your local farmers market and add to your ginger teas and enjoy!

Nutrient dense, whole foods based clean eating

I know, I know this is all I talk about. All of the supplements I mentioned above will absolutely, positively treat the symptoms of allergies. However, Ideally you should consider changing your diet to nutrient dense and making simple lifestyle changes that eliminate toxins from your body. This is also what I teach in my coaching programs. Not interested in coaching yet? Just go ahead and try out the recipes from the blog. 

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The only new thing I added this winter is a Vit D supplement due to its effectiveness in reducing the severity of SARS-Cov2.

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