In this post, I want to talk about ways to prevent PMS symptoms. If you are in your twenties or mid-thirties or whatever age you are, but a whole week before your menstrual cycle starts you are a mess emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You become a completely different person. Every 3 weeks you suffer mentally and emotionally so much so that you want to shut yourself away, but you have to play Life.

Living a Quarter of your life in hell, almost like a different personality inside of you. Thank you, PMS!!

Negative repetition of thoughts, foggy head, forgetfulness, cramps, feeling low, fatigue, aches, depression, anxiety, fear, being grumpy, feeling crabby.

For an entire week, or sometimes 2.

It affects relationships, work, and pretty much your everyday life. No wonder some ancient cultures had a practice of letting a menstruating woman isolate, and just let her be.

If you are like me, I am sure you have tried it all including the Birth control pills, that your Ob/Gyn told you will relieve the symptoms. The Birth Control Pills actually made things worse. Multiply all the symptoms times two. 

Besides cleaning up what I eat. Check out the recipes on my blog to see a glimpse of the food I eat in a day. Here are some of the things that actually worked for me. 

Vitex or Chaste Berry

One of the reasons for PMS symptoms is just hormone imbalance. Hence I decided to try this Vitex Chaste Tree Berry supplement because It rebalances the hormone levels. It truly helped me with my physical and emotional well-being. I just use this one from Gaia Herbs that I get from Amazon. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tablets

I remember using these red raspberry leaf tablets as well as tea to induce labor during my first pregnancy. Little did I know that these are also great to regulate and easy the PMS symptoms. Bonus points to Red Raspberry Leaf tablets though that they also help regulate Blood Pressure, if you suffer from high blood Pressure. 

I just take these along with the Red Clover Blossom 5-7 days before the cycle start date and continue through the week 1 of the cycle.

Red Clover Blossom

Take Red Clover blossom tablets along with Red raspberry leaf  tablets 5-7 days before the Menstruation Cycle have been the game changer for my PMS symptoms, Try these and leave comment below and let me know your results. 

I read every comment. Let me know what you think about the post.

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