Suhur Chai


​Will you try this Suhur-Chai for the sehri/suhur/pre dawn meal during Ramadan?


If yes, start by buying/ordering the best ingredients and tools to create this masterpiece.

I promise you that If you have to do ONLY 1 thing to kick off your weightloss during Ramadan, then try this Suhur-Chai recipe.

You will notice that Once you have this chai in the morning you wont be hungry all day.

I pretty much can skip the breakfast and lunch and am able to have an early dinner.

This is just my own way to prepare my body for the upcomign Ramadan.

According to a hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, Anas ibn Malik narrated, The Prophet said, ‘Take suhur as there is a blessing in it.’

4 years ago while i was researching on healthy diets after my son was born, i came across this recipe for Coffee by Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive and thought this was interesting.

I finally assembled all ingredients needed to make this and tried this briefly two years later (talk about laziness…) and as i was growing to like the taste of it, We found out that i was pregnant and started hating tea/coffee and food in general.

Recently I modified  to make this Suhur Chai recipe for Ramadan.

There are great benefits in its amazing ingredients loaded with spicy goodness, but more on the spices later.

This tea is a great way to get healthy fats in first thing in the morning.

Starting your day with this kind of fat will not only provide you energy to be productive through out the day, it will also enhance cognitive function and prevent the brain fog during long day of Ramadan fasting.

Besides this also signals your brain to have a feeling of fullness so you don't feel the hunger for extended hours.


  • ​1 cup filtered water
  • ​1 Tbsp Grated Ginger
  • ​1/2 tsp tea masala** (tea masala recipe at the end)
  • ​1 tsp loose leaf black tea of your choice (I prefer Tajmahal from an indian store) or 1 to 2 tea bags
  • ​1/2 tsp Ceylon Cinnamon powder 
  • ​1 tbsp grass fed butter (i use kerrygold butter)
  • ​1 tbsp organic cold pressed coconut oil (i use Viva Naturals Organic Coconut oil that i order from Amazon)
  • ​2 tbsp Organic heavy whipping cream (Or Skim the cream from the top of milk if you are lucky to have fresh/raw milk available)
  • ​1 Tbsp (or to taste) honey or coconut sugar  (or if diabetic, feel free to use your sweetener instead)
  • ​A blender – You absolutely need a blender to make this!! (i have a simple blend oster blender with a glass jar that you can find in a walmart)


  • 1
    ​In your tea pan or tea kettle boil water, ginger and tea masala for about 2 minutes.
  • 2
    ​Add tea bag or loose leaf tea and allow to steep for about 2 minutes.
  • 3
    ​Now strain the tea into the blender jar, add the butter, coconut oil, heavy whipped cream, Honey (or sugar/sweetener) and ceylon cinnamon powder into your blender Jar and blend on low speed for about 30 seconds.
  • 4
    ​4. Pour into a Tea mug and Enjoy!! Check out the picture of this frothy, yummy goodness! 

To make Chai Masala

​Put the following ingredients in a blender or Spice grinder and grind for about 1 minute :

  • ​Star Anise seed – 1
  • ​Fennel Seeds – 1tsp
  • ​Green Cardamom Pods – 20
  • ​Cloves – 10
  • ​Black Pepper corns – 20

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