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These energizing morning smoothie recipes are great for non-chefs like you and me. Even better for busy people on the run. You make them ahead of time by mixing the ingredients in a personal size Ziploc bag, or large Ziploc bags if making for 2 or 4. OK, before you start bashing me for being the turtle killer, These re-usable bags or mason jars will work too for storing the smoothie meal prep mix.

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If you have never eaten much fruit or vegetable, this is the easiest way of getting them in. Get the Ingredients you want on a weekend and prep them in a reusable bag and freeze. Weekday mornings will be a breeze. Blend. Pour, Done. And Look at these. They are so Beautiful and Fancy as well!

​What Ingredients do I need in an Energizing Morning Smoothie?

So, If you are like me – I dont even make Smoothie meal prep bags. I throw in a handful of this, a tad bit of that and my Essential Ingredients.

Here are some pick and choose, whatever you fancy any week type ingredients. Either Use Any seasonal fruits or vegetables. Or if short of time to go shop, Get some big bags of Frozen Mixed Berries, Pineapples, Mint, Oranges, Avocados, A milk alternative such as Almond milk (if you like your consistency thinner.)

Essential Ingredients – What goes in Every Smoothie?

And here are some Ingredients that I always add – 8-10 Fresh mint leaves, a handful of mixed greens, peel half a Lemon and throw that in, an inch of ginger, 1/2 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon powder. Pinch of Salt, Pepper, Cayenne pepper. – Most of these ingredients help you burn fat and provide countless other health benefits.

On many occasions, I also add chia seeds, flax seeds, and/or a protein powder like Orgain if I am looking for an extra boost of protein.

If I feel aches and pains coming along (I have Scoliosis, so aches and pains are a given.) I add half a banana or pitted dates for added phosphorus content.

Your body will pretty much tell you what you need in that glass of green goodness.

How do you make your Smoothie?

Peel those Oranges and Lemons, You might want to leave a little bit of zest in, it actually has nutrition and tastes good. Wash the greens and herbs. As you wash and peel the ingredients, either send them in your meal prep bags if preparing for later. If using immediately straight away put it in the blender jar. Once all ingredients are in your blender, Blend and Pour. If you have the Fancy Vitamix or Blendtec, it’s perfect. Put it to use finally. Or a super simple Oster or any high-speed blender will do too. I have an even simpler 14 Speed Oster Blender and that makes perfect smoothies too.

Beside the time saving, why should I drink smoothie in the morning?

Smoothie is a delicious, fancy and healthy alternative to a Standard American Breakfast of pancakes and muffin. Even if you are a coffee or tea drinker in the morning, temporarily try to switch to a Morning Smoothie with the right ingredients and you will notice a positive change in your energy levels and it will help combat the fatigue and mid-morning slump almost immediately.

If your diet has been mostly meat-based and unhealthy processed carbs and sugars, and you deal with acidity and other digestive issues, the added fruits and vegetables and the essential ingredients I mentioned, will make you feel healthier and you will have an energetic workday almost immediately. I am sure you can go full extreme – alkaline diet or do a detox or may have already done it. But like I said many times before, you do not have to do extreme of anything at all. Everything in moderation is perfect. And a glass of smoothie in the morning every now and then is just the right thing, to begin with.

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How do you get your kids to drink a Smoothie?

My kids eat most of their fruits and vegetables. But Since kids are picky I told them that a green smoothie is a Hulk Juice. It makes you Strong like Hulk 🙂 And they Love it. Sometimes I just tell them I did not make it for them and all of the Hulk Juice is mine and they want to borrow a few sips of mine too.

Also love him or hate him, Tom Brady makes his smoothie and drinks it too. I mean if the man lasted this long in the NFL, and shows no signs of aging he must be doing something right. Here is a recipe for Brady’s Tom’s Favorite smoothie.

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