What Is In Your Refrigerator?

Today is the day 2 of 2021. So I am sure a lot many people want to see this.

If there is only one thing you want to do to lose weight (or live a healthy and long life) it has to be this. Design your Refrigerator to be your best friend in achieving your weight loss goal.

In the book Tiny Habits – The Small Changes That Change Everything BJ Fogg talks about his own refrigerator at home that he calls “Superfridge”. I actually loved that term.

I really want everyone to have a Superfridge of their own, one that is purposefully designed to help your weight loss goals.

When you open the fridge you should see only healthy, colorful and delicious foods ready to be eaten when you are super busy, stressed and hungry and your will power is not much help.

Make ice cream, cakes, and other unhealthy and processed food difficult to access. And carefully put pre-cut, pre-washed, ready to eat foods. Even better if it is already pre-portioned!! That is how you make it as easy as possible to access healthy food on demand.

The reason diets do not work is that people lose weight by brute force while dieting but fail to design their environment, to keep that weight off forever.

Back to the question what is in your refrigerator? I will begin with any seasonal, local, organic fresh fruits, and vegetables. Washed canned beans. Mix and match of fruits and vegetable salads. Some Chia Seed Pudding topped with your choice of nuts and berries. Here is my go-to recipe for Chia Seed Anything.

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I love Indian food, and since curry makes Vegetables taste delicious. Most of the time I make a standard curry sauce loaded with spices in bulk So that I can mix any vegetables I want for a quick 15-minute meal. Here is my brown curry sauce recipe.

If you are not into Curries, make sure you also stock up your fridge with natural unprocessed salad dressings, yogurt, ranch and dips.

I also keep Superfoods such as Pickled Olives, Asparagus, Jalapenos and Kimchi as well in my Superfridge.

What is in your SuperFridge?

P.S. *** yet again**** So you can stock up your SuperFridge with these. Add them to your shopping list today.

Here are my Go-To Green light foods, depending on seasons and availability.

• Fights Infections & Natural Antibiotic: Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic

• High in protein, extremely beneficial to diabetics and is considered one of the top ten vegetables: Artichoke

• Natural expectorant (for coughs): Chili peppers, radishes, onions

• Protects against environmental pollutants which cause cancer: Berries, red grapes, celery

• Top 3 fruits over all: Avocado, papaya, guava – Also because I love the taste of these.

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