Happy 2021. And Did you know what Traffic Light Eating is all about?

Happy 2021.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean counting calories, monitoring fat content or analyzing every detail of the nutrition facts. While that information is certainly important, it can become overwhelming when trying to make healthy choices for you and your family.

However, choosing healthy foods doesn’t have to be complicated!

One of the ways to teach kids about making healthy food choices is Traffic Light Eating. When kids eat healthy, there is less junk food In the house, so it’s a win-win for all.

Traffic Light Eating makes eating healthy simple to understand, especialy for kids. Just like when you are driving a car, a traffic light tells you what to do. Here is how it goes:

Traffic Light Eating

Green means “go”

Yellow tells us to “slow down”

Red means “stop” and think

From Dr Sears Wellness Institute

Green Light foods are “go” foods, meaning eat as much as you want.

These include all fresh fruits and vegetables. Emphasis on fresh – these foods are grown, not manufactured. Packaged gummy fruit snacks are not Green Light foods!

If you are calorie counting: These foods are low in calories and high in nutrients. In other words, Green Light foods are nutrient-dense.

Yellow Light foods are “slow down” foods.

While foods that fit in this category are okay to eat every day and are essential to your health, they should be eaten in moderation. Too much of a good thing really is no good! Examples of Yellow Light foods include: whole wheat pasta, eggs, salmon, nuts and seeds, rice, whole grain bread, and yogurt.

If you are calorie counting: These foods have more calories than Green Light foods and usually have more fat or sugar as well.

Red Light foods are “stop” and think foods.

Since these foods are low in nutrients, high in sugar and contain artificial sweeteners and ingredients, you should try and find a healthier option, or eat a smaller portion. Examples of Red Light foods include: cookies, candy, fatty meats, sugary drinks, bacon and other processed meats and frozen yogurt.

If you are calorie counting: These foods are lower in nutrients and higher in calories, fat and sugar.

I had almost forgotten about this toolkit until I sat down to write this today. And while I write this, my picky eater of the household is ordering Pizza to celebrate New Years’.

Wonder what Green Light Foods should I pair that with?

P.S. Here are my Go-To Green light foods, depending on seasons and availability.

• Fights Infections & Natural Antibiotic: Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic

• High in protein, extremely beneficial to diabetics and is considered one of the top ten vegetables: Artichoke

• Natural expectorant (for coughs): Chili peppers, radishes, onions

• Protects against environmental pollutants which cause cancer: Berries, red grapes, celery

• Top 3 fruits over all: Avocado, papaya, guava – Also because I love the taste of these.

P.P.S. Remind me to talk about the Super-Fridge tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2021. And Did you know what Traffic Light Eating is all about?

    1. Now you have! Do you know kids that are crazy about traffic lights? Try it with them and see them transform to eating the green-go foods. Good luck!

  1. LOL thats too funny. also you are so lucky to have a child like that .. mine only eat healthy foods in exchange for a slice of pizza.. what can i say.

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