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Born in India, during an era when a woman, Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, and also growing up watching India’s neighbors – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka have women Prime Ministers. It was strange and weird that America was celebrating a woman VP today. But from what I have learned about America after adopting this as my country years ago is much like What the Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman said today – America is unfinished…

This is why when President Biden said that 108 years ago Women were marching here fighting for the right to vote, I teared up a little, ok a lot. This is why it is significant and I celebrated this day. I know that there is hope for women, and men of all colors and races, and even more so that there is hope for humanity.

There is much to celebrate for sure after the four years of hatred and division that America had been through and when every day it felt like -everything was wrong with the world. It was an inspiring Inaugration day, I caught bits and pieces of it and every time caught myself holding tears – from Lady Gaga’s rendition of Star Spangled Banner to JLo’s – This land is my land, and then a Speech by the President.

I was not expecting much due to the lockdown but this was probably the best inauguration I have ever seen. The world needed to see this, they needed to see America actually walk the talk of Protecting the Human Rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness after what had happened recently… America has risen from the ashes again. Democracy has prevailed.

President Biden’s first order of business within a few hours of being the President – Mask Mandate for the entire country, Repealing Muslim Ban, Joining the Paris Climate Agreement, and Even the regular things such as hearing the truth and transparency at the White House Press briefing by Jen Psaki.

Today I will keep it short.

In the end, I have to give it to Amanda Gorman. I watched her poem every rerun I could. It was mesmerizing, reminded me of Maya Angelou. I asked my son to listen and he says this is not rhyming. (He is 8.)

the new dawn blooms as we free it,

for there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it,

if only we’re brave enough to be it.

Sleep Well Tonight, America.

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