No Cooking Lunch Ideas

​No time to cook and want delicious lunch. You must try this combination:

1. No Cooking Lunch Idea #1: Seaweed Salad And Sardines

No Cooking Lunch Ideas

Pick this seaweed salad from Costco with wild planet Sardines. Fancy making a Sushi out of it: add ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi and you have the best low carb sushi there is! If you tried it out do let me know how you liked it!

2. No Cooking Lunch Idea #2: Smoked Salmon and Veggies over Toasted Bagel

No Cook Lunch Ideas

I discuss this recipe in this post here Random Green Smoothie And Bagel Smoked Salmon Sandwich.

Like sardines, Smoked Salmon is something good to have on hand. It stores a long time in the refrigerator. Also, whole-grain Bagels are great to have handy for those busy days. I have a small Bagel here (portion control) topped with smoked salmon, Pepper, Onion and Tomato. A sprinkle of Sumac and smoked paprika. Every sandwich could use a little spice.

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