Easiest Way To Lose Weight.

​Do you think its difficult to lose weight because you are unable to stick to your diet plan?

Or perhaps you dont have time to eat healthy?

Or you dont really have a plan or know how to eat to lose the unhealthy fat and gain some healthy muscle.

Here are some of the things you could do to get you started on a healthy lifestyle and a happy body and while you are healthy, happy and awesome you could lose weight too.

Rule # 1 - Diets dont work … But a choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and knowing exactly what to put in your body works, everytime!!

I present to you EatPlayFit way of life.

This will get you results, slow and sustainable but you will see those fatty lbs/kgs melting off and healthy muscles and abs growing 🙂 …

Start with these really simple techniques one at a time and see how it changes your life …

  • 1
    Give away all the junk food (processed bread, sugar, chips, cold drinks, boxed, microwave dinners, cakes, cookies and sodas)
  • 2
    ​Buy fresh meats, vegetables, nuts and dairy. Along with canned white, black and garbanzo beans. *Beans are healthier carbs as compared to the breads and chips, so this would satisfy your carb cravings. Buy some berries, papaya, pineapple and apples. Lemons and Oranges are good to have too.
  • 3
    ​What would you do with all these meats, fruits and vegetables? If you have no idea how to cook, then get some recipes from this blog.
  • 4
    ​Eat until full but make sure you get about 25–30 grams of protein every meal and fill up rest of your plate with veggies.
  • 5
    ​Drink a lot of water. put a reminder on your calendar to drink 8–10 glasses of plain filtered water every day. if you cant drink plain water add some berries and sliced up lemon to make great tasting infused water.
  • 6
    ​And as always track your weight weekly and post the results on an app or on any social media to keep u accountable!

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